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    了解美国课堂(Get to Know the American Classroom)


    Fast Facts about American Classroom

    (1) On Interaction with People on Campus

    With your professors:
    --Talk to your professor in office hours;
    --Write e-mails to your professors.

    With your classmates:
    --Ask questions clearly and fearlessly at an appropriate time;
    --Make sure you understand each other by restating what were said;
    --Look for opportunities to participate in discussions and make suggestions;
    --Respect your classmates’ cultures.

    When working in groups:
    --Choose a leader or a person in charge;
    --List all the job division and the responsibilities are clear and understood by every member;
    --Do NOT do all the work yourself;
    --Report any delayed work and situation to your teammates and your instructor.

    (2) On Classroom Manners

    --Contribute to the class by asking questions, giving opinions and participating in discussion;
    --Attend every class on time;
    --Hand in homework/papers on time.

    利用在校资源(On-Campus Resources)



    (1)学术资源(Academic Resources)

    1-1:选课(Course Registration/Penn-in-Touch)
    http:// sentry.isc.upenn.edu/intouch/

    宾大总共有15个图书馆,主图书馆是Van Pelt Library。除了借书和提供优良的学习环境之外,图书馆还有很多的服务。你可以:
    --Requesting new books;
    --Asking for research assistant;
    --Recalling books you need that others have checked out;
    --Requesting a hardcopy of on-line resources;
    --Reserve a carrel for a whole semester.
    此外,在其网站上还有一个强大的学术网络资源(E-resources)。学会使用图书馆硬件和软件的最好办法是make an appointment with a library staff.

    Van Pelt Library: 3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104-6206
    Tel: 215-898-7555
    http://www. library.upenn.edu

    1-3:学习资源中心(Learning Resource Center)
    The Office of Learning Resource Center旨在帮助学生“学会学习”,通过一对一的方式对学生的学习方法进行辅导。辅导内容包括:time management, reading efficiently, taking lecture and text notes, exam preparation and test-taking skills, writing for a variety of purposes. 其网站有很多此方面的文章下载。

    Learning Resource Center (LRC): 3702 Spruce Street, Suite 300
    Tel: 215-57-EXCEL (215-573-9235)
    Email: lrcmail@pobox.upenn.edu
    Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    1-4:写作中心(Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing)
    主要为学生提供论文写作的修改服务。这也是一项一对一形式的服务。通过网上预约,你可以把自己的论文拿去修改。Writing assistant会从语法,文章结构等各个方面给你建议。每个appointment是45分钟,每个学生每周最多有2次辅导机会。

    The Writing Center: 3808 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6121
    Tel: 215-573-CPCW
    Email: writing@writing.upenn.edu

    1-5:宾大学术研究网(Research at Penn)

    (2)活动娱乐资源(Recreation Resources)

    Something you need to do other than STUDY!


    2-1:David Pottruck Health and Fitness Center: 3701 Walnut Street
    2-2:Hutchinson Gymnasium: 33rd Street between Spruce and Walnut Streets
    Hutchison是免费对所有持有效PennCard的学生开放。Pottruck只对研究生实行会员制,年费$206,一学期为$125。健身馆还有提供各项体育活动课程,如tennis、volleyball、swim、flag football、squash、soccer、golf等等。
    具体请参看其网址: http://www.upenn.edu/recreation


    3-1:研究生中心(Graduate Students Center)

    Graduate Student Center (GSC): 3615 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6221
    Tel: 215-746-6868
    Email: gsc@pobox.upenn.edu

    3-2:买书(Where you can buy textbooks and bulk packs)
    Penn Bookstore: 3601 Walnut Street
    House of Our Own Book Store: 3920 Spruce Street
    Pennsylvania Book Center: 130 South 34th Street

    3-3:心理咨询服务中心(Counseling and Psychological Services)

    Counseling and Psychological Services: 133 South 36th Street 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3246
    Front Desk: 215-898-7021

    3-4:就业辅导办公室(Career Service)
    顾名思义,找工作的时候用得着它。帮你修改resume、cover letter和你演练job interview,还有一个较大的网上职业数据库(只有宾大的学生才能查看)。不一定等着毕业才去用,平常找part-time和做internship都可参考。

    Career Services: 20 McNeil Building, 3717 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6209

    Other places that you can find student employment information are at:

    Student Employment Office (where you can find on-campus jobs)
    3650 Chestnut Street
    Tel: 215-898-7539
    Email: jrs@sfs.upenn.edu

    Tutoring and Learning Resources: Harnwell College House, 3820 Locust Walk
    Tel: 215-573-9235
    It provides paid positions for graduate and professional students to serve as tutors.

    The Graduate Student Center: 3615 Locust Walk
    Tel: 215-746-6868 http://www.upenn.edu/gsc
    It employs graduate and professional students as GSC fellows who develop programming, maintain the website, and staff the front desk.