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    Instructions for using CSSAP mailing list:


    Regulations for using CSSAP mailing list:

    1. 1. Regulations for using CSSAP mailing list.
    2. 2. Violation of the above regulations may result in the removal of your e-mail account from CSSAP mailing list by our mailing list manager.

    Mailing List Subscription

    To subscribe/unsubscribe to CSSAP mailing list, follow the procedure below:

    1. 1. Choose an email account that you will use to subscribe or unsubscribe to CSSAP mailing list. Instructions for choosing what email account.
    2. 2. Login your email account and send an email to the following email address: listserv@lists.upenn.edu
    3. 3. If you would like to receive both announcements as well as inquiries from students, copy one of the followings in the email body (not in the subject line) when sending it to listserv@lists.upenn.edu

    To subscribe, please copy:
    "subscribe cssap_information"
    To unsubscribe, please copy:
    "unsubscribe cssap_information"